The story of Spanish Marks is an international one, spanning from bustling London to the beautiful Central American country of Guatemala.

Spanish tutor

Spanish Marks was founded with the vision of providing students with unrivalled Spanish tuition. For this reason, all our tutors are from Quetzaltenango, (in Guatemala), a city renowned for its reputable language schools and has long been a haven for those wishing to learn Spanish. 

Providing either one-to-one or group lessons through live online classrooms - our qualified tutors have a real passion to teach the language and will immerse you in the adventure of Spanish learning! 

Student support is always on hand and based in the UK.

E learningThe online classroom

Giving students ultimate flexibility in their learning experience has always been key to us. The online classroom allows students to connect with their tutors from any location with internet access! 

Equipped with on-screen whiteboards, a direct video link to your tutor where you can see and speak to them, along with chat boxes are just a few of the features. It is like being in a real classroom, except you choose the location you want to learn in!

An ethical school

As well as offering Spanish lessons, Spanish Marks aims to support the Guatemalan community. Guatemala has a number of issues from chronic malnutrition amongst a large proportion of the population to wide spread poverty. Spanish Marks will contribute part of its profits towards local social projects. (More information on our projects can be found on our Social work page).