2018 Russia Football World Cup

2018 Football World Cup: Spanish Vocabulay

The 2018 Football World Cup has arrived and so we have decided to make a list of all the countries in Spanish that will be participating in the tournament. Who will you be supporting?

Grupo A
Rusia (Russia)
Arabia Saudita (Saudi Arabia)
Egipto (Egypt)
Uruguay (Uruguay)

Grupo B
Portugal (Portugal)
España (Spain)
Marruecos (Morocco)
Irán (Iran)

Grupo C
Francia (France)
Australia (Australia) 
Perú (Peru)
Dinamarca (Denmark)

Grupo D
Argentina (Argentina)
Islandia (Iceland)
Croacia (Croatia)
Nigeria (Nigeria)

Grupo E
Brasil (Brazil)
Suiza (Switzerland)
Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Serbia (Serbia)

Grupo F
Alemania (Germany)
México (Mexico)
Suecia (Sweden)
Corea del Sur (South Korea)

Grupo G
Bélgica (Belgium)
Panamá (Panama)
Túnez (Tunisia)
Inglaterra (England)

Grupo H
Polonia (Poland)
Senegal (Senegal)
Colombia (Colombia)
Japón (Japan)

For more Spanish vocabulary on the world cup read this article!

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