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Compound Words in Spanish

Compound Words in Spanish

Compound words are formed when two words come together to make a new word or concept. In English examples include 'everyday' (every + day) or 'friendship' (friend + ship).

Most compound words in Spanish are masculine and are formed by taking the verb and then adding the plural noun (very rarely is it in singular).

Verb + Noun (plural)
Parar + aguas = el paraguas (umbrella)

A lot of compound words also end with a 's' however this does not mean that they are in the plural form; most do not change in the plural and singular form. A way to know if a compound word is plural is by looking at the article.

El abrelata(can opener)
Los abrelatas (can openers)


Below is a list of some compound words in Spanish:


Spanish Verb Spanish Noun Compound Word English Translation
Abrir Botellas El abrebotellas Bottle opener
Abrir Cartas El abrecartas Letter opener
Abrir Coches El abrecoches Doorman
Cortar Césped El cortarcésped Lawn mower
Cortar Fuego El cortafuego Firewall
Cortar Puros El cortapuros Cigar cutter
Cortar Uñas El cortaúñas Nail clippers
Cubrir Cama El cubrecama Bedcover
Guardar Pelo El guardapelo Locket
Lavar Platos El lavaplatos Dishwasher
Parar Brisas El parabrisas Windshield
Parar Caídas El paracaídas Parachute
Portar Aviónes El portaaviones Aircraft carrier
Quitar Manchas El quitamanchas Stain remover
Quitar Sol El quitasol Sunshade
Rascar Cielos El rascacielos Skyscraper
Sacar Corchos El sacacorchos Corkscrew
Sacar Puntas El sacapuntas Pencil sharpener
Salvar Vidas El salvavidas Life jacket




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