5 Best Spanish GCSE Revision Tips


For many September is back to school time. With exams looming ahead, read our 5 best Spanish GCSE revision tips on how to ensure you pass with flying colours:

number 1


Use apps or flashcards to help you revise when you’re on the move

Make cards that are small enough to carry around with you, and write the English on one side and the Spanish on the other. We are also a big fan of the Flashsticks app which allows you to hover your phone over any item and get the Spanish word for it!



number 2Create a revision timetable

This can add structure to your revision and help you see which area you need to prioritise to get better results, whether that be reading, listening, grammar or conversation. GoConqr’s Calendar tool is a great way to create a revision timetable online, which you can easily access at any time. You can create your online revision timetable here.


number 3Use your eyes and ears

Listen and watch as much authentic content as you can. Spanish TV shows, songs, and newspapers can all help. Check out a pick of our favourite resources:

  • Spanish television:

Watch Spanish TV series and documentaries at RTVE

  • Spanish songs:

Click on the below image for Calle 13’s beautiful song sung in Spanish:

latinoamerica calle 13 by aguz001 d4q26l9

number 4Do past papers

By doing past papers you can familiarise yourself with the layout and style of the exam and so reduce any chances of surprises in the real thing. Here are some useful links to past papers:

AQA past papers
Edexcel past papers
OCR past papers

number 5Try a private tutor

A private Spanish tutor can do wonders for your confidence and grades. You can concentrate on areas that you find most hard, and practice conversation with a native Spanish speaker. Our tutors have worked in schools and universities before and are experienced in preparing students for exams. Connect with one of them today for a free lesson!


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