5 Most Interesting Spanish-Speaking Places To Visit

With 20 Spanish-speaking countries worldwide, there is plenty of choice for travellers wanting to practice Spanish. This language is spoken in some of the most enchanting locations in the world, from colourful colonial towns to volcano-surrounded islands.

We bring you 5 of our favourite Spanish-speaking locations, which will get you itching to buy that plane ticket!:

number 1

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico

Street in San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Discover one of Central America's most charming colonial towns. Pull on a jumper and enjoy fresh espresso in the cool, mountainous 'Zapatista capital.' San Cristóbal de Las Casas is located in a dramatic highland valley circled by pine forest. The town has attracted travellers for decades. It's a delight to stroll through the cobbled streets and local markets, enjoying the uniquely clear highland light.

The city also offers a great combination of city and nature with old colonial-era houses parting way to rolling fields and grazing animals. San Cristóbal is in the heart of indigenous Mexico, surrounded by many traditional Tzotzil and Tzeltal villages. Expect to see local indigenous communities mingling with tourists.

number 2

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

View of volcano on Isla de Ometepe

Isla de Ometepe is a magical destination, consisting of an island formed out of two volcanoes. Despite being a traveller's paradise, it remains relatively unspoilt. Do not expect upmarket faciliites, and instead the island's charm lies in it's dramatic setting.

The island is famous for its ancient stone statues depicting humans, animals and shapes. They are the remnants of the Chorotega settlement and can be found across the island. There is also plenty of opportunities to hike and swim in the crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a city of immense beauty, culture and history, and Guatemala's must-see destination. A former capital, it boasts many colonial relics. The streets are filled with bright pastel-coloured houses with a back-drop of three volcanoes. It is also a fantastic base to explore nearby indigenous communities, coffee plantations and hikes to view the fire-spewing volcano, Fuego.

Gutemalan towns, such as Antigua, are also global hotspots for those wishing to learn Spanish. The quality of Spanish tutors in Guatemala, is renowed throughout Latin America.  Our Spanish tutors are from Guatemala and you can find out more about them here!

number 4

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Titicaca sits between the Peru-Bolivia border. It is South America's largest lake and the highest navigable lake in the world. There is a unique ambience surrounding this lake with the high-altitude sunlight hitting the deep blue waters. The lake is situated at the Port of Puno which is a good base to travel to local rural islands. Here you can witness local life which has carried on for many centuries.

Mérida, Venezuela

This down-to-earth university town in Venezuela often tempts visitors to stay longer than planned. Nicknamed La Ciudad de los Caballeros (The City of Gentlemen), the town is nestled in emerald-green mountains. It is renowned for it's outdoor-sports presence and vibrant nightlife. The city has a high standard of accommodation and restaurants, making it a major stop on backpacker routes.

We hope you enjoyed our 5 most interesting Spanish-speaking places to visit! There is no better way to immerse yourself in a new culture than by learning the local language. Try a free Spanish lessons with our tutors from Guatemala by signing up here.

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