5 Spanish TV Series to help your learning


 There are many fun and powerful ways to learn Spanish outside of the classroom! Watching Spanish TV series in particular is a great way to get to grips with the language because there’s a genre for everyone. You’ll get all the enjoyment of watching intriguing plot lines, but this time, with a side of learning.


Watching Spanish TV series will also do wonders to your listening and vocabulary skills. So here’s a selection of our favourite 5 Spanish TV series to help your learning! :

number 1

El señor de los cielos (Lord of the Skies)

Watch here.


This is a series about Mexican drug lord, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who in the 1990s went from being a poor peasant to one of the richest men in the world and a powerful drug trafficker wanted by the DEA.

Since it’s based on real events, you learn about the history of the cartel as well as useful Spanish phrases.


number 2

El internado (The boarding school)

Watch here.


This drama-thriller centres on the students of a boarding school in a forest far from the city, where macabre events occur. If you like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ this may be the show for you, since it’s packed with conspiracies, lies and romance.


number 3 


Watch here.

Velvet TV Series 848474339 large

If you’re a fan of ‘Mad Men’ you’ll enjoy this TV series! Taking place in the 1950s and 1960s showcasing the glamorous cars and clothing of that era. It follows a high-end Spanish clothing store, it’s business and love affairs between the characters.


number 4

El ministerio del tiempo (The Ministry of time)

Watch here.

el min

This Spanish science fiction TV series will appeal to fans of ‘Doctor Who.’ The Ministry of Time has been set up to prevent people from using time-travelling doors to change history, and is the best kept secret of the Spanish state. The series follows a group of characters from different centuries who join the ministry. 


number 5

El Príncipe 

Watch here.

el pr

An intelligence agent is sent to El Príncipe, on the border of Morrocco to investigate a possible police collaboration with a terrorist cell but finds unexpected love in the least suitable person: a drug baron’s sister. If you like the tension of ‘Homeland’ this might be the series for you!

Hopefully you can find a TV series that interests you! Want to further strengten your Spanish? Try a complimentary lesson with one of our teachers, here

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