5 tips for practising Spanish outside of the classroom


Taking Spanish language classes brings great results. Putting what you learn into practice is the next step. Today we reveal our top 5 tips for practising Spanish outside of the classroom!

number 1

Watch Spanish TV Series

Watching Spanish TV series will do wonders to your listening and vocabulary skills. We were hooked on the series, El señor de los cielos about Mexican drug lord, Amado Carrillo Fuentes who in the 1990s went from being a poor peasant to one of the richest men in the world and a powerful drug trafficker wanted by the DEA.

Since it’s based on real events, you learn about the history of the cartel as well as useful Spanish phrases.

Watch here.


number 2

Volunteer Abroad

One of the most authentic ways to practice Spanish outside of the classroom is to volunteer in a Spanish-speaking country. At Spanish Marks, we offer volunteering placements in Guatemala –  a country dotted with volcanoes, colourful colonial cities and ancient Mayan ruins. All our programmes include 25 x pre-departure online Spanish lessons so you can make the most out of your time in Guatemala. We partner with over 700 organisations in Guatemala, working in varied fields from education, health, human rights and much more.

Find out more here!

Teach international

number 3 

 Experience Spanish Book Clubs

The benefits of going to a book club are endless: meet interesting people, read things you would not otherwise read, eat great food and last, but not least, practice Spanish in an immersive and effective way! We hold a monthly book club in central London, where we discuss a different book in Spanish each month. The ticket includes a copy of the book, tapas & wine from the author’s country of birth, and a delightful session with our tutor, Luis! All proceeds go to charity.

Find out more about our next event here

Spanish book club

number 4

Attend Spanish conversation meetups 

Conversation groups are a great opportunity to practice speaking Spanish out loud, whilst also making friends! Check out this great Spanish meetup in London, where you can talk with native Spanish speakers, improve your pronounciation, and build confidence over a coffee in a relaxed environment! Held weekly, the group goes for social activities after the sessions where you can also network and get to know other members. Join the group here.

Spanish conversation

number 5

Date a Spanish speaker

Spanish is technically a Romance language, along with French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian. But grammar aside, it is a language of love and those dating Spanish speakers, whilst only speaking their partner’s native tongue, could see their language skills soar…


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