5 Exciting Careers You Can Do With A-Level Spanish

This week A-Level results came out! Across the country students eagerly checked to see if their hard work had paid off.

But why are A-levels so important? What you decide to study at A-level can very much help to shape your future career. This is especially the case with A-level Spanish. It is a subject which can open doors and start new adventures. Today we bring you 5 exciting career paths that you can do with A level Spanish:

Broadcast journalist

Broadcast journalist with microphone

Broadcast journalists research, investigate and present news and content for TV, radio and online. This career could see you travelling the world to cover the latest stories. Being able to speak Spanish, which is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, is a big advantage. It allows you to cover international stories and work with a wider pool of broadcast agencies.

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International development worker

girl helping local children

As an international development worker, you will be based in developing countries, addressing humanitarian issues ranging from education to sanitation. It also sometimes involves responding to emergencies such as natural disasters. The ability to speak the local language - such as speaking Spanish - is often crucial. It allows you to communicate with locals, building rapport and their trust.

Tour manager

Love exploring new cultures? Why not make this part of your career! As a tour manager you could be based in the most beautiful spots on Earth. Your responsibility is to ensure travel arrangements for holidaymakers run as smoothly as possible, so being on the ground, close to the action is essential. Using local language skills, such as Spanish, can ensure you can keep things running smoothly.

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Diplomatic service officer

As a diplomatic service officer you work to protect your country's interests abroad, as well as provide assistance to citizens living abroad. Your tasks can range from liaising with embassies and high commissions to dealing with queries from the public. The job usually requires you to be able to speak in the local language of the country you will be based in. For this reason, learning Spanish is very useful as there are 20 Spanish speaking countries in the world.


woman sitting for coffee with man

If you love languages and communication, then this could be the career for you. Your job responsibility would be to convert one language into another. You could be working in a variety of settings from business functions to court hearings. To be an interpreter you need to have a high level of language knowledge. A-level Spanish is a good foundation but you may also require further qualifications.

Learning languages and being able to speak Spanish makes the world your oyster!

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