Body parts in Spanish


Knowing how to say body parts in Spanish is always useful. It could be needed in many situations: from visiting the doctor to buying clothes at the shops. Here’s some of the essential body parts in Spanish. It might help you to learn by pointing to each of your own body parts as you recite the words. Enjoy!

body 2

Try repeating the words out loud a couple of times until they stick in your brain. For the pronunciation, check out this useful article from Wikihow.

And for some useful phrases with body parts in Spanish:

1) Me duele mi pie. (My foot hurts).

2) El/ella tiene pelo corto/largo. (He/she has long/short hair).

3) Enchar una mano a alguien . (To lend a hand to someone).

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and… ¡Espero verte pronto!

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