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Internal Organs of the Body in Spanish

If you need to see a doctor in a Spanish speaking country it might be useful to know what your organs are in the language. Therefore, in today's blog we go through some vocabulary that might help if you ever find yourself in that situation. El hígado...
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Spanish Vocabulary - Common Health Problems

It is always a pain being abroad and having some sort of health issue. Well, we have just made your life that little bit easier by providing you with a list of common health problems for when you are in a Spanish speaking country and need to visit a ...
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2018 Football World Cup: Spanish Vocabulay

The 2018 Football World Cup has arrived and so we have decided to make a list of all the countries in Spanish that will be participating in the tournament. Who will you be supporting?

2018 Russia Football World Cup

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20 Must-Know Spanish Words for Social Media

Everyone has some sort of social media account; your grandma could be on Facebook whilst your cat might have an Instagram account. Therefore, if you are learning Spanish it is very likely that you will have to communicate with someone via this means....
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