Five Books to Read in Spanish


Reading books in Spanish is a fundamental way to help learn the language.
It improves your grammar, expands your vocabulary and allows you to
understand the language at your own pace. As well, like listening to music
and watching movies, reading allows you to discover new stories and learn
about different cultures. Therefore, in today’s article we will discuss
how to find the best book to help kick-start your Spanish reading adventure!





When should I start reading in Spanish?


It is a common misconception to think that you can only read in Spanish once you reach an advanced level. The truth is, it is best to start reading from your very first lesson. However, if you are a beginner it would probably be a good idea to start with children’s novels instead of ‘Don Quixote‘! Children’s books in Spanish are written in a simpler language and are shorter so less daunting. A good quality book will be rich in vocabulary and should re kindle that inner child!


How to pick a book that will help with my Spanish?


Choosing the right book for you is very important when learning Spanish. To find something that is at your level you should choose a book where you understand 3/4 of the words. A good marker for doing this is reading the first page and then deciding from there. The challenge is then to try and understand the remaining parts of the book that you didn’t know.


You should also find a book that interests you and is an achievable length. You need to be interested in the story and not overwhelmed by its length. Remember, boredom can quickly replace your motivation.


Recommended books:


Choosing a book to help with your Spanish can be very subjective. It all depends on your level and interest. However, below are 5 books that we like to advice our students to read:


1) El Principito by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

2) Stories from Latin America / Historias de Latinoamerica by Genevieve Barlow.

3) Cuentas de la selva by Horacio Quiroga.

4) La casa de los espíritus by Isabel Allende.

5) The Harry Potter series (in Spanish of course!)


We recommend to everyone who wants to learn Spanish should start reading in Spanish! It is an important (and relaxing) way to learn the language. As well, imagine how incredible you will feel once you have finished your first book in Spanish!

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