Five Most Common Mistakes when Learning a Second Language!


It is hard to argue against the many benefits of learning a second language. Even though the idea of learning a language could seem like a daunting task there are a number of methods that could suit you which makes it easier. There is no incorrect way to learn a language; whether you learn on your own or take classes. However, there are some errors that people make and in today’s article we explain the five most common mistakes. 

1. Making a mistake is good!

Making a mistake when learning a language can be a very positive thing. It allows you to process what you have done and then learn for the future. If you fear making a mistake then you never try something new. If you don’t try something new in learning a language you don’t build up confidence in your ability. As well, without mistakes you don’t receive feedback on where you need to improve. 

2. Don’t be embarrassed!

This is not necessarily true when people read and write a second language. However, for many speaking a language you don’t know can be embarrassing. The more you speak the faster you will learn a language. Therefore, the best way to overcome this is to simply just power through and overcome your embarrassment! 

3. Don’t close yourself to the culture of the language you are learning!

When your learning a language you are also learning and living the particular culture. Your motivation increases a lot more when you are involved in the language you are learning. Therefore, it would make life a lot easier if your attitude towards the particular culture is good and open.

4. Work hard!

Learning a language is not easy and there will be times when you think you can’t go on. However, this only means you have to work harder. Try different methods and use various resources if need be. And most importantly practice, practice and practice! 

5. Only having a single method of learning!

As mentioned in the above point it is good to use various methods when learning a language. Therefore, if you are taking classes you should also have other ways of practising outside of the classroom. The more you immerse yourself into a language the faster you learn.

If you take into account these mistakes then learning a language will become a lot easier! 

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