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Five Movies to Help Practice your Spanish


The best way to learn Spanish is to try and engross yourself in the language! Classes are important in that you will learn why the language works the way it does. However, putting your knowledge into practice by speaking to people, listening to songs and watching movies also helps.


First and foremost practicing Spanish through movies is fun! You can watch them at any convenient time. Secondly, movies tend to use natural conversation which is different from learning through books. You also get exposed to different accents or slang terms which helps you understand the language better. Finally, you can also learn about cultures in different Spanish speaking countries; something you might not have been aware of before.


On that note here are five movies we recommend you watching:


1. Diarios de motocicleta. (The Motorcycle Diaries)


2. El laberinto del fauno. (Pans Labyrinth)


3. La jaula de oro. (The Golden Dream)


4. No se aceptan devoluciones. (Instructions not Included)


5. Volver.


So why not get some popcorn, put your feet up and practice some Spanish!

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