Five Songs that will Improve your Spanish


Music is a fantastic way to study a new language! Not only do you immerse yourself in the culture it is also a fun way to learn new vocabulary, grammar and improve your pronunciation. Listening to songs trigger the auditory cortex of the brain. It draws emotions into the learning process, which is a great way to memories stuff. Therefore, with this in mind here are five songs that will improve your Spanish (they are also quite good!):


1. Limón y Sal by Julieta Venegas

This song will help with your conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in the present indicative tense. 



2. Me Gustas Tú by Manu Chao

¡Me gusta esta canción! Listening to this song will help you practice the Spanish verb ‘Gustar’ in singular and plural form.



3. Y Nos Dieron las Diez by  Joaquín Sabina

If you can understand this song then you should be fine with the Preterite tense!



4. Mis ojos by Maná

Listen to this song to practice the possessive adjectives. As well if you need a recap on the parts of the body!



5. El Universo Sobre Mí by Amaral

This is great for practicing ‘querer’ + infinitive.



So next time you are desperately trying to memorize vocabulary or can’t get your head round the grammar why not try and listen to a few songs in Spanish!

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