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One-on-one private tuition designed to suit your learning style, needs and ability. Our Spanish teachers are experienced in helping students acheive the highest Spanish GCSE grades. Lessons are tailored to specific exam boards. We provide continuous teacher feedback reports to track your progress

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Learn online where you can see & speak to your tutor. Material is shared on-screen like an actual classroom. Preparing for your Spanish GCSE online  means you can learn from home and it is an affordable way to get better Spanish grades. Try distance learning Spanish GCSE courses today!

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My daughter has completed online tuition for many months with Spanish Marks. Thanks to their amazing teaching and help my daughter has achieved 2 A* which is amazing. Sandy really connected and got through to her! Happy student and happy parent. – Karina K.

GCSE home schooling SpanishThere are so many things I like about Spanish Marks! Affordable fees, well-organised lessons, great admin communication, caring and dynamic tutors. I am actually quite confident of excellent results. That’s how effective Spanish Marks tutions are! – Peter S. 

GCSE home schooling SpanishI just wanted to say how pleased we are. My son is very happy and relaxed with Spanish Mark’s tuition and every time looks forward to his sessions. Excellent teacher, very patient and encouraging. – Luce E.

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