Guatemala volcano eruption

Guatemala Volcano Eruption: Solidarity after Tragedy

On Sunday Guatemala experienced one of its most violent volcano eruptions in over hundred years. With millions of people from various communities affected and countless deaths there has already been plenty of coverage. However, the silver lining one can take from all of this is the solidarity the people of Guatemala have shown in the aftermath.

In all tragedies, whether it is caused naturally or not, you always hear stories of people coming together and helping. Guatemalans in this case are no different; from young children to local businesses everyone all over the country has done their bit.

Everywhere you go you can see people collecting items for those affected. Local business help make the rescue effort more efficient by donating their services. Firefighters, who don’t get paid, are risking their lives on the scene. All apart from the government, who scandalously declared that there are no funds to help, have shown solidarity.

This natural disaster has affected many lives but what has been inspiring is the way Guatemalans all over the country have put aside their issues and come to the aid of those in need.

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