How to say the weather in Spanish

Today’s blog will teach you how to talk about the weather in Spanish. Whether it’s avoiding an awkward silence or breaking the ice at an interview, it’s always easy to get a conversation going when talking about what is going on in the skies above!

There are 3 words commonly used in Spanish weather phrases: HACE, ESTÁ, & HAY (This is in the present tense)


Hace frío (It is cold)

Hace calor (It is hot)

Hace viento (It is windy)

Hace sol (It is sunny)


Está despejado (It is clear/cloudless)

Está lloviendo (It rains/it is raining)

Está nublado (It is cloudy/overcast)

Está nevando (It is snowing)


Hay nieve (There’s snow)

Hay relámpagos (There’s lightening)

Hay humedad (There’s humidity)

Hay neblina (There’s fog)


Now over to you!

Read these Spanish sentences and then practice repeating them out loud:

Hace mucho calor esta mañana.

It is very hot this morning.


Está nevando mucho en Escocia.

It is snowing a lot in Scotland.


No me gusta cuando hay mucha humedad.

I do not like it when there is a lot of humidity.


Before we leave you today, here’s a little Spanish weather joke:

DID YOU KNOW … In Spanish, it doesn’t rain cats and dogs, but jugfuls!

Está lloviendo a cántaros. – It is pouring with rain (literally it’s raining jugfuls!).


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