How to use En, con and entre


The prepositions en, con and entre are used in a variety of ways in Spanish.



1. Express place or time.

– Estamos en la casa.
We are in the class.

– San Valentín se celebra en Febrero.
Valentine’s day is celebrated in February.

2. The way to do something.

– Ella habla en voz alta.
She speaks in a loud voice.

– Me gusta viajar en avión.
I like to travel by plane.

3. When using an instrument to complete an action.

– Nosotros llegamos en taxi al aeropuerto
We arrive in taxi to the airport.

– Tú vas en bicicleta al trabajo.
You go by bicycle to work.



The Spanish word ‘con’ means ‘with’ in English. It is used to:

1. Express the manner in which an act is carried out.

– Debemos comer con un tenedor.
We should eat with a fork.

– El padre habla con mucha ternura.
The father speaks with a lot of tenderness.

– Cierra la ventana con llave.
Close the window with the key.

2. Express accompaniment. 

– Dina sale con Daniel.
Dina leaves with Daniel.

– ¿Puedes estudiar con nosotros?
Can you study with us?



‘Entre’ means ‘between’ in English.

1. To express ‘in the middle of’ two or more people or things.

– Tu libro está entre mi ropa.
Your book is amongst my clothes.

Entre Arsenal y Man United, Arsenal es mejor.
Between Arsenal and Man United, Arsenal is better.

2. To express time between one moment and another.

– Salgo del trabajo entre cinco y seis de la tarde.
I leave work between five and six in the afternoon.

– Nosotros llegamos entre siete y ocho de la noche.
We arrive between seven and eight in the evening.


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