Independence Day in Central America


On 15th of September, 1821, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador,
Nicaragua and Costa Rica gained their independence
from Spanish rule. On this day every year these Central American
countries celebrate their independence with
true Latin American flare and passion.





The Spanish had begun their colonial expansion in the early 16th century and were quickly able to take control of many territories in Central and South America. The conquistadors wanted to build their empire, create additional trading ports and routes, expand their military control and convert native peoples to their relogious beliefs. Three hundred years of Spanish rule resulted in the death of nearly 70% of indigenous people in Central America.




Therefore, it can be seen why independence day is celebrated with vigour in Central America. For instance in Guatemala there is an infectious party atmosphere with colourful parades and melodious marimba music. The parties go on throughout the night with delicious food, great music and of course captivating fireworks. 

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