Karl – Financial Management Internship

Karl, an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA), was looking for new experiences. In his placement, he worked closely with the directors of charity, Asociacion Fatima, to improve their financial management skills and build the charity’s capacity.

Placement with Asociacion Fatima

Asociacion Fatima is a charity working with approximately 500 families in communities around San Juan Ostuncalco and Quetzaltenango. It aims to improve the quality of life for vulnerable families through educational programs (human rights, gender equality and academic), and health programs (nutrition and clinics).

Prior to Karl’s placement, the charity struggled with financial management and the ability to ensure their projects had sustainable sources of income. Karl’s financial background meant he was able to prepare budgets, income forecasts and work closely with the directors to establish best practice for the future. He also helped establish a micro-loan scheme for families whom the charity supported.

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