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Nowadays it seems like every rapper, singer and songwriter wants to sing “uno, dos, tres, cuatro.” From the party beats of Pitbull to the punky tunes of Offspring! However if you want to learn how to count beyond the number four, look no further…

Numbers in Spanish – Rule 1

The numbers up to twenty-nine are written as one word.

For example:
– Diecisiete (Seventeen)
– Veintisiete (Twenty-seven)

Numbers in Spanish – Rule 2

After the number thirty, the numbers are written in two words using the letter “y” to separate them.

For example:
– Treinta y uno (Thirty-one)
– Cuarenta y cuatro (Forty-four)

Numbers in Spanish – Rule 3

Write “ciento” instead of “cien” for all numbers greater than one hundred.

For example:
– Cuatrocientos doce (Four hundred and twelve)
Ciento cuarenta y tres (One hundred and forty-three)

Numbers in Spanish – Rule 4

Numbers in the five hundreds, seven hundreds and nine hundreds are written in the following way:

– Quinientos (Five hundred)
– Quinientos tres (Five hundred and three)

– Setecientos (Seven hundred)
– Setecientos ochenta y dos (Seven hundred and eighty two)

– Novecientos (Nine hundred)
– Novecientos ocho (Nine hundred and eight)

Now it’s just time to learn the numbers! :

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