Overcoming the Hurdles of Learning a Language


Learning a language can be a journey of mixed emotions; from enthusiasm to frustration, lack of understanding to that eureka moment. A student has to pass through a number of different hurdles to reach their final goal which can be timely and arduous. However, remembering certain points can help overcome these hurdles when learning a language.

1. Willingness.

The first is your reasons for starting a new language and the enthusiasm to begin. Each person has different goals for why they want to learn and their willingness could be something recent or been building up for many years. Whatever it is that initial excitement of learning a new language is the first motivation to get you started

2. Proficiency level and finding the right method.

The next is understanding what proficiency level you are and then trying to progress from that. This can be simply divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels which is explained well by the Common European Framework. The methods you use to learn are extremely important because at this stage the willingness you initially had can suddenly turn into discouragement. Therefore, whether it is getting a tutor or learning on your own you have to find something that is right for you.

3. Your experience.

This goes hand in hand with point 2. Acquiring a new language is a demanding process where you have to learn new vocabulary, grammar, pronunciations etc. It is important to understand why the rules are there and how it differs from your mother tongue. Therefore, you go through a number of different emotions. Throughout this it is always important to remember what your final goal is.

If you can remember these points you should be able to overcome any hurdles when trying to learn a language. 

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