How and when to use the popular future in Spanish


 In this post you will learn how and when to use the popular future in Spanish.

Popular future:

To construct the popular future you need the verb ‘ir’:

Yo – voy
Tú – vas
Él / ella / usted – va
Nosotros – vamos
Vosotros – vais
Ellos / ellas / ustedes – van

As we already know, we use the verb ‘ir’ to indicate the action of movement from one place to another.

– Yo voy al mercado.
I go to the market.

However, you can also use the following expression to form the popular future:

Conjugated form of ‘ir’ + ‘a’ + infinitive verb

When to use the popular future

This form is frequently used in Spanish when talking about plans or intentions for the future:

– ¿Qué vas a hacer mañana?
What are you going to do tomorrow?

– Ellos van a salir temprano.
They are going to leave early.

– Yo voy a subir la montaña.
I am going to climb the mountain.

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    Had my first lesson with Sandy today. What a wonderful teacher she is. We went through the alphabets and how to pronounce them in Spanish. Her enthusiasm and encouragement totally got me into the lesson. Really looking forward to my class next week.