Preposition ‘a’ and ‘de’


A preposition is a word that connects the elements of a sentence.


Preposition ‘a’

This is used in a variety of ways:

1. Use the preposition ‘a’ to indicate when an action directs a person, animal or any life form.

– Tú hablas a Luis.
You speak to Luis.

– Encuentro a mis amigos.
I meet my friends.

2. To indicate a direction.

– Lucas camina a la playa.
Lucas walks to the beach.

– Ellos suben a la montaña.
They climb the mountain.

3. After verbs of movement (for example ‘ir’, ‘venir’, ‘volver’ and ‘salir’) and the word that follows it is a name or pronoun.

– Vamos a Guatemala.
We go to Guatemala.

– Vuelvo a América.
I return to America.

4. Contraction.

A + el = al (to the / at the)

– Vamos al cine.
We go to the cinema.

– Vienen al mercado.
They come to the market.

Preposition ‘de’

This is used in a variety of ways:

1. Express origen.

– Miguel es de Cuba.
Miguel is from Cuba.

– Yo soy de Guatemala.
I am from Guatemala.

2. Express possession.

– El perro de María.
Maria’s dog.

– El carro de Guilermo.
Guilermo’s car.

3. Materials that make a thing.

– La bata es de seda.
The robe is made of silk.

– La curry es de pollo.
The curry is chicken.

4. Contraction. 

De + el = del (of the / from the)

– Ellos llegan del estadio.
They come from the stadium.

– Mi amiga sale del salón de belleza.
My friend leaves the beauty salon.


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