What are the most common Question Words in Spanish?


In this post we will learn about the most common Spanish question words.

Qué (What)

The question word ‘que’  is used to ask about an object without reference to any particular group or specific action.

It is formed as:

‘qué’ + noun

– ¿Qué comida es tu favorita?
What is your favourite food?

‘qué’ + verb

– ¿Qué haces?
What do you do?

Cuál/es (What / Which)

The question word ‘cuál/es’ is used to ask about objects which are specific or non specific that we already know about.

– Cuál es tu comida favorita en este restaurante?
What is your favourite food in this restaurant?

– ¿Cuáles son tus colores favoritos?
What are your favourite colours? 

Quién/es (Who / Who plural)

The question word ‘quién(es)’ is used to identify people.

– ¿Quién es tu maestra?
Who is your teacher?

– ¿Quiénes son tus padres?
Who are your parents? 

Cuándo (When)

The question word ‘cuando’ indicates at what moment and time an action has occurred.

– ¿Cuándo empieza la clase?
 When does the class begin?

– Cuándo vas a desayunar?
When do you go for breakfast?

Cuánto /a/ os / as (How much)

The question word ‘cuanto’ is used to ask about quantities or scales.

– ¿Cuánto cuesta esta camisa?
 How much does this shirt cost?

– ¿Cuántos kilómetros corres?
 How many kilometers do you run? 

Cómo (How)

The question word ‘cómo’ is used when asking the manner in which to perform something or the description of something.

¿Cómo estas?
How are you?

¿Cómo es tu casa?
Describe your house?


Por qué (Why)

The question word ‘por qué’ is used to question the cause or reason of something.

– ¿Por qué tienes hambre?
Why are you hungry?

– ¿Por qué no hay estudiantes?
 Why are there no students?


Dónde (Where)

The question word ‘dónde’ indicates a fixed place.

– ¿Dónde está tu boleto?
Where is your ticket?

‘¿A dónde?’ asks for a destination or direction.

– ¿A dónde? vas a viajar?
Where are you going to travel?


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