Skype and Distance Learning: the future of education?


With consumers spending almost half their waking hours online, does the future of education lie with distance learning? Today we look at why virtual classrooms, like Skype, may take over the traditional classroom in the near future:

number 1Skype classrooms and distance learning gives greater access to expertise

Distance learning takes away the limitations of geography, meaning expertise is free to travel  almost anywhere. This allows information on any subject to reach more people, for example, gaining access to native-speaking language teachers.


number 2Skype classrooms and distance learning has simple, flexible logistics

Skype and other types of virtual classrooms allow students to learn on their own grounds (literally). Classrooms can be accessed from any location, whether that be your own house or a café. This flexibility removes both time and travel costs.


number 3Skype classrooms and distance learning brings education theory to life

Online classrooms can take full advantage of the multimedia power of the Internet, engaging students with videos, interviews and online demonstrations of concepts. This often offers a more valuable learning experience than a typical textbook-based course.


number 4Skype classrooms and distance learning allows up-to-date content at a much lower price

Costs of textbooks are often enough to make a small dent in your bank balance. With knowledge constantly evolving, many textbooks become out of date after a few years. With distance learning, teachers can harness the power of the Internet to keep learning materials up-to-date at a much lower cost.


number 5Skype classrooms and distance learning can build connections with people across the world

Using virtual classrooms, like Skype, means you are seeing and speaking to your teacher on your screen, which is often more personal than sitting at a back of a traditional classroom. Many institutes, like Spanish Marks, also offer online forum groups where students can interact with each other, fostering online communities and connections.

Great strides have been made in the field of distance learning often making it a better option for students than in-person attendance. Our own online classrooms at Spanish Marks allows our students to directly interact with teachers from Latin America, meaning they are not only gaining access to native-Spanish speakers, but also able to learn about other cultures and build international connections. You can discover more about our virtual classrooms here!

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