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10 of our Favourite Celebrity Names Translated into Spanish

‘The name is Obligación…Jaime Obligación!’ Can you imagine that being James Bonds’ iconic way of introducing himself? It would certainly put a different twist on things! On that note here are some of our favourite celebrity names and their literal translation into Spanish.

  1. Alicia Keys – Alicia Llaves

  2. Tom Cruise – Tomas Crucero

  3. Stevie Wonder – Estebitan Maravilla

  4. Johnny Cas – Juanito en Efectivo

  5. Tina Turner – Bañera Giratoria

  6. Justin Timberlake – Justino Lago de Madera

  7. Morgan Freeman – Morgan Hombre Libre

  8. Kevin Bacon – Kevin Tocino

  9. Bruce Springsteen – Bruce Primaveras Adolescentes

  10. Sandra Bullock – Sandra Buey

This article was written by Rustom Marcador!

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