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Not-For-Profit Group Spanish Conversation Classes

Guatemala, home to our teachers, is a country of immense natural and cultural beauty. Yet it also faces deep-rooted social problems, from a lack of educational opportunities to chronic malnutrition and poverty. One of the ways that our school tries to give back to local communties is through raising awareness and funds for Guatemalan charities that are on the front-line.

For the past 6 months, this has come in the form of our weekly group conversation Spanish classes where all the profits go to the charity Asociación Fatima

Why Asociación Fatima?

The charity helps vulnerable families, especially women and children, in the region of Quetzaltenango through health and educational programmes.

It not only provides food donations to those at risk of malnutriton, but also trains families on how to prepare food in a way that maximises its nutrtional value. Education is key to the charity’s efforts and it runs classes on topics such as sex health, hygiene and nutrition – topics which are not readily promoted in schools or by the government. Unfortunately as a local charity securing funding is a constant battle especially after their main donor, Child Fund, withdrew.

We hope our contributions will help the charity to build up funds so that they can employ full-time fundraisers – a fundamental way for any charity to survive.

Spanish lessonNot-for-profit Group Spanish Classes

Although the main focus of our school is one-to-one online Spanish lessons, we have also branched out into weekly group conversation classes. This is not only a way for students to interact in a relaxed, sociable environment and practice speaking Spanish out loud, but is also an important way for us to raise funds and awareness for Asociación Fatima. All the profits from these particular classes go to the charity.

The conversation classes are held every Tuesday from 7-8pm, in a private area at Hotel Strand Continental. They are aimed at beginners who have some knowledge of Spanish already, and priced at £8 per person.

For more details, do get in touch here!

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