Learn Spanish For Medics


Spanish lessons for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals

Learn Spanish fast and fit lessons around your schedule! All levels taught, with a free trial lesson.

Spanish Marks’ lessons are designed with the specific needs of medical professionals in mind.

Whether you are looking to learn Spanish for a medical elective abroad, or want to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients and colleagues, our qualified tutors will tailor lessons to your individual goals. Each lesson is structured around a specific topic and will cover conversation as well as grammar. Your tutor will work with you to ensure language barriers do not interfere with your ability to provide high quality healthcare.


Why choose Spanish Marks?


  • Lessons available 24/7
  • Re-arrange lessons easily with no cancellation notice needed
  • Learn from any location with online one-to-one lessons


  • Qualified native Spanish-speaking tutors from Guatemala
  • ELE qualified tutors who can speak both English and Spanish
  • Feedback reports after every lesson


  • Take a 50 minute Skype Spanish for Medical lesson with one of our qualified tutors:
    Free Trial Lesson

    Lessons from only £12 after the free lesson! Part of our profits go to charities in Guatemala.

Do you have any questions about our Spanish course for Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals? You can speak to our student support team who will happily answer any questions you may have! 

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