Spanish Travel Phrases – At the Airport


Have you ever been in a situation where you are in a foreign airport and no one speaks your native language? You are rushing to get to your flight on time and it doesn’t seem to be as straightforward as it should be. Panic then sets in because you don’t want to miss your flight!

Here are a few useful Spanish phrases for an airport which should hopefully make this situation stress-free!

1) ¿A qué puerta debe ir?
     What gate should I go to?

2) ¿Dónde está mi equipage?
     Where is my baggage?

3) Mis maletas están perdidas.
     My suitcases are lost.

4) ¿Cuál es mi número de vuelo?
     What is my flight number?

5) ¿Cuándo sale/llega el vuelo?
     When does the flight leave/arrive?

6) No tengo nada que declarar.
     I have nothing to declare.

7) ¿Es un vuelo directo?
     Is it a direct flight?

8) ¿Hablas inglés? 
     Do you speak English?

9) Necesito ir a….
    I need to go to…

Hopefully with these phrases, your airport experience will be stress-free!

If you are planning to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and want some extra help with the language, check out our lessons here! ¡Buen viaje!

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