Preguntar and Pedir (to ask)


Pedir and Preguntar (to ask)

In Spanish the verbs ‘pedir’ and ‘preguntar’ both mean ‘to ask’. Unlike other verbs that have the same translation (e.g. ‘saber’ and ‘conocer’ – ‘to know’), knowing when to use either ‘pedir’ or ‘preguntar’ is simple.


Conjugating the verbs ‘pedir’ and ‘preguntar’ in the present tense:



Pedir (Irregular verb)

Preguntar (Regular Verb)
Yo Pido Pregunto I ask
Pides Preguntas You ask
Él/Ella/Usted Pide Pregunta He/She/You (singular formal) asks
Nosotros Pedimos Preguntamos We ask
Vosotros Pedís Preguntáis You (plural) ask
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Piden Preguntan They / You (plural formal) ask




When to use the verb ‘Pedir’

Use this verb to ask for something, make a request or order things.

Pedimos mucha comida en el restaurante. (We order plenty of food in the restaurant.)

Él pide su número de télefono. (He asked for your telephone number.)


When to use the verb ‘Preguntar’

Use this verb to ask for information.

Le pregunto a ellos la hora.  (I ask them what time it is.)

Preguntamos el hombre dónde esta la biblioteca. (We ask the man where the library is.)

‘Preguntar por’ – use this if you ask for someone/ask about something.

Pregunto por el partido del fútbol. (I ask about the football game.)

¿Alguien preguntó por mi? (Did someone ask for me?)


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