Creative Stories by Guatemalan school children


Each month, young Guatemalan school children write creative stories about their lives and experiences. We ask you to vote for the best one, and then we donate our own funds to the winning school.

For October, congratulations to Aracely Eunice Díaz Ramirez from Las Barrancas school, who was voted first by our own students and readers of our blog! Aracely has written about a young girl with a strong will! For the prize, we will be donating funds towards her school’s chosen item of writing equipment.


The singing girl (La niña cantando)

By Aracely Eunice Díaz Ramirez
(English translation at the bottom)

La nina cantando

There was once a girl who liked to sing but her mother did not let her sing because she was Christian. For this reason her mother did not let her daughter sing songs which were not Christian. However, she liked to sing a lot. The pastor in the church where her mother went would discipline her mother. Her mother would then discipline the little girl that liked to sing. The mother would say because of you I was scolded, and the little girl would say I really want to sing songs and you cannot take away my likes, and the little girl continued to sing other songs. The girl grew up to be a big artist.

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