What now? Tolerance in a Changing World.


More than anything last night’s election results confirmed to me that the world I thought I knew is very different from the reality we are all living in. From Brexit to Donald Trump’s election to Danish people being handed anti-migrant sprays it is clear that disenchantment towards the ‘establishment’ is rife everywhere. Unfortunately, instead of challenging this with harmony and togetherness those that use rhetoric of segregation, xenophobia, violence and sexism are being championed. We all have a responsibility to each other and somewhere along the line we have all failed to listen to one and other.



The idea for the online Spanish school came from after my travels in Guatemala. As a business we have tried to make a positive impact in Guatemala, from providing good wages to helping local charities. The objectives were set out from the beginning and the success can be measured. However, there have been other effects that we could not have envisaged which as a business we should and will foster.



A benefit for learning a language is that you also learn about other cultures. This is certainly a true statement for all students who study whichever language. However, it goes a lot deeper then that! Teachers also learn about the students customs and bridges are created between people who might not necessarily have had the opportunity to meet. Opinions are discussed amongst those who have different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Understanding and reasoning with one and other is established and most importantly friendships are forged.



The difference between people should not seperate us but educate us. This can only happen when we learn to be tolerant and are open to dialogue. This applies to everyone; from those who vote for someone who’s rhetoric is sexist, violent and racist to those who use social media to insult the people who voted into power someone with intolerant views. 

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