Tricks for remembering ‘Por’ and ‘Para’ in Spanish.

A nightmare for many students learning Spanish is when to use the prepositions 'por' and 'para'. Practicing and repeating their uses until it is ingrained in your memory is the most effective way. However, in today's blog we have a tip that should help with the memorizing process.

Remember the phrase 'I'm attracted more to perfecto'.


I - Idiomatic expressions.

M - Motion.


A - Apology / Emotion.

T - Thanks.

T - Transportation / Communication.

R - Reason / Cause.

A - Amount of time.

C - Cost / Value.

T - To be accomplished.

E - Exchange / Substitution.

D - Disposition / Mood


M - Mistaken identity.

O - On behalf of.

R - Rate / Measurement.

E - Errand.


P - Purpose.

E - Expectation / Goal.

R - Recipient.

F - Future dates / Deadlines.

E - Employment.

C - Comparison.

T - Towards a place.

O - Opinion.

As well watch this catchy video that you can sing-along to whilst trying to learn the differences between the two prepositions:

We hope this article will help with the differences between 'por' and 'para'!

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