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Valentine’s Day Traditions in Latin America

Chocolates, roses love poems are just a few ways people celebrate Valentines Day. Many could argue that it is a consumer frenzy holiday steeped in cliche acts of love. However, it is also a holiday that has many traditions and especially for countries in Latin America.

In Guatemala it is known as 'El Día del Cariño' where sentimental items are still given amongst lovers. However, people are also encouraged to appreciate their friends, family and co-workers. This is done through exchanging gifts or just letting them know what they mean to you.

Puerto Rico is similar to Guatemala where they celebrate Valentines Day by holding large public parties. Whilst in Ecuador the men traditionally wait till night fall to senerade their lovers outside of their house.

In certain Latin American countries Valentines Day is not celebrated on February 14th. Colombia and Bolivia celebrate the day in September where it is tradition for people to send gifts as secret admirers.

Finally if you live in Argentina then you are lucky because you get to celebrate the holiday twice a year. Not only do they have Valentines Day in February but as well in July they celebrate the 'Sweet Week'. This is where lovers traditionally exchange sweets for kisses.

Valentines day may be celebrated with different traditions in each country but the one common theme is that it is a day for love, family, friendship and having a great time!

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