August Winning Entry: Stories by Guatemalan school children


We are working with public schools in Guatemala to run a monthly writing competition! Each month, young school children write stories about their lives and experiences. We ask you to vote for the best one, and then we donate our own funds to the winning student’s school.

For August, well done to Filiberto Garcia Agustin – a young student from Las Barrancas school – who was voted first by our own students and readers of our blog! Filiberto writes about his community and his experience of unfulfilled political promises. For the prize, we will be donating funds towards his school’s chosen item of writing equipment.

 Political Parties (Partidos Politicos)

By Filiberto Garcia Agustin
(English translation at the bottom)



Many people live in my community. The bad thing is that these days we are visited by the politicians and mayors of the municipality. They come and say what they will do with the road because over here where I live, it is very far from everything and the road is very bad.

Everyone that has come has only looked at our roads and the mayors are only promising to fix our road.

Anyways my father said that the current mayor who will leave this year promised that he would build the road when he first came to office.

My dad said now the people do not know who to vote for because all the potential mayors only make promises.

My dad does not know who to vote for because they are all liars because they promise to build the road but they never do.

We hope that the next mayor will do everything well and fix our road and this will let us travel to other places.

Over here it rains a lot and the road becomes very bad and it is difficult for the cars to pass and I am scared when they slip. Many cars have been ruined and once the car braked hard and it nearly spun round. This is why I want the new mayor that comes to help and make our road better.

I wish for my community to be better and to have a good road.

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