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Spanish Book Club: September session - El Túnel by Ernesto Sabato.

 Join us on September 19th for the Spanish Marks Book Club, where we will discuss the highly acclaimed book, El Túnel by Ernesto Sabato. Ticket price includes a copy of the book, food/drink from the author's country and a session coordianted by our experienced tutor, Luis!

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Weather Expressions using 'Hacer' and 'Hay'

Today we take a look at useful expressions of weather in Spanish.

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Spanish Verb - Conducir

Conducir means to drive, to conduct or to lead and is an important verb for a beginners to know because it has tricky spelling changes. It is also a verb that is useful in numerous everyday expressions and situations. 

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Infinitives in Spanish

The infinitive is the most basic form of the verb and is generally considered to be a mood which does not refer to a particular person, number or tense. In Spanish, infinitives always end in 'ar' (e.g. hablar) er (e.g. comer) or 'ir' (e.g. vivir). In English, an infinitive is recognised by the preposition 'to' in front of the verb - 'to speak' 'to eat' or 'to live'.

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