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What now? Tolerance in a Changing World.

More than anything last night's election results confirmed to me that the world I thought I knew is very different from the reality we are all living in. From Brexit to Donald Trump's election to Danish people being handed anti-migrant sprays it is clear that disenchantment towards the 'establishment' is rife everywhere. Unfortunately, instead of challenging this with harmony and togetherness those that use rhetoric of segregation, xenophobia, violence and sexism are being championed. We all have a responsibility to each other and somewhere along the line we have all failed to listen to one and other.

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Five Reasons why a Child will Benefit from Learning a Language

Getting your child to learn more than one language can
be hugely beneficial. Some studies suggest that the earlier
your child starts learning another language the greater the
chance of success and the easier the learning process.
Therefore, with this in mind we give you five reasons
why your child will benefit from learning a foreign language.

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Festivals in Guatemala

Nothing sums up Guatemala's spirit and colour quite like it's festivals! From indigenous spectacles to unique Saint day celebrations, Guatemala showcases it's rich history through it's festivals. Here's 5 festivals to feast your eyes on:

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Using SER and ESTAR in Spanish

In Spanish there are two ways to say 'to be.' They are the verbs SER and ESTAR. Our previous blog shows the differences between the two, and when to use them.

But today we see how using SER and ESTAR with certain words, changes the meaning of the sentence!

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