How To Benefit from Loyalty Points

We like to thank students for buying Spanish lessons with us! Here's how it works:

1) Purchase Lessons 

Head over to our Prices page to purchase lessons.

2) Collect Points

Every time you buy lessons or events, we will add loyalty points to your student profile. 

  • Single Private Lesson: 10 Points
  • Block of 10 Lessons: 50 Points
  • Block of 20 Lessons: 75 Points
  • Online event: 5 points

3) Redeem Collected Points for Rewards

Once you have collected enough points you are entitled to:

  • 10 Points: Free Entry to 1 x Spanish Marks Online Event (including conversation classes, book clubs and film discussions. Details here.)
  • 100 Points: 1 x Free Spanish Lesson

To redeem your points, email us at

Please note...

*If a class is canceled or there is a no-show, with less than 12 hours notice, we deduct 10 points. When you have no points left, we require 12 hours notice for rescheduling.