Which online Spanish course is best for me?

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Prices Indiv 128Private Spanish lessons

  • Lessons availabe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Tailor-made, one-to-one lessons delivered at a pace that is suitable to you
  • Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced lessons available

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Private lessons are taught at your own individual pace and competency. Each lesson is structured around a specific topic with our teachers guiding you through conversation, grammar, reading and vocabulary exercises.

Regular tests revisit topics covered and ensure you have a strong grasp of the material.  Each lesson is 50 minutes and includes all learning materials.

PC BeginnerBeginners

Our lessons for beginners gets you speaking Spanish from the very first lesson.

You will gain a strong understanding of the present, past, imperfect and future tenses as well as learn a range of regular and irregular verbs. On completion, you will be able to confidently hold basic conversations with other Spanish speakers, asking for and giving information about yourself and your daily life.

All beginners lessons include vocabulary lists which will help you express yourself in a variety of situations.

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PC IntermIntermediate

Our intermediate lessons are suitable for students who already have a strong grasp of the foundations of Spanish language and want to expand their knowledge.  

You will learn how to express your opinion, wishes, plans and your background as well as understand more complex written and oral texts. You will study advanced tenses such as the perfect tenses as well as other important Spanish grammar. On completion, your Spanish written and conversational skills will be sufficient for use in the workplace or with friends.

Intermediate lessons include advanced vocabulary lists which will build on the knowledge you already have.

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PC AdvancedAdvanced

With the advanced lessons, you will learn to express yourself fluently, spontaneously and without hesitation. You will be able to speak and understand everyday situations using Spanish language correctly, with flexibility and efficiency. You will also learn the imperative and subjunctive modes that are very important in the Spanish language.

All advanced lessons include a list of useful Spanish phrases that are used in a range of conversations.

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