Private Spanish Lessons

Private Online Spanish lessons

Spanish Marks offers high quality live Spanish lessons online. Here's a few of our features:

ticks2One-to-One lessons available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ticks2Native Spanish-speaking tutors from Guatemala and Latin America.

ticks2Qualified tutors with an average of 10 years teaching experience.

ticks2Re-schedule lessons easily.

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Private lessons are taught at your own individual pace. Whether you have beginners or advanced Spanish knowledge, our teachers will ensure you gain confidence and skill in conversation, reading and writing. Each lesson is 50 minutes and includes learning materials, feedback reports and after-lesson exercises.

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General Spanish Lesson Curriculum:

Beginners Spanish

PC BeginnerBeginners

Our lessons for beginners get you speaking Spanish from the very first lesson.

You will gain a strong understanding of the present, past, imperfect and future tenses as well as learn a range of regular and irregular verbs. On completion, you will be able to confidently hold basic conversations with other Spanish speakers, asking for and giving information about yourself and your daily life.

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Intermediate Spanish

PC IntermIntermediate

Our intermediate lessons are suitable for students who already have a strong grasp of the foundations of Spanish language and want to expand their knowledge.  

You will learn how to express your opinion, wishes, plans and your background as well as understand more complex written and oral texts. You will study advanced tenses such as the perfect tenses as well as other important Spanish grammar. On completion, your Spanish written and conversational skills will be sufficient for use in the workplace or with friends.

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Advanced Spanish

PC AdvancedAdvanced

With the advanced lessons, you will learn to express yourself fluently, spontaneously and without hesitation. You will be able to speak and understand everyday situations using Spanish language correctly, with flexibility and efficiency. You will also learn the imperative and subjunctive modes that are very important in the Spanish language.

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Online Spanish lessonsSpecialised Spanish Courses

Over 400 million people speak Spanish around the world, and there are many reasons for wanting to join them. Whether it is for upcoming travels, job progression or exam preparation, learning Spanish will open new doors and start new adventures.

At Spanish Marks, we will work to understand your goals for learning Spanish and help you achieve them. Our team of tutors have a created an in-house texbook, which is used as a basis for learning, but lessons can also be personalised to fulfill specific interests and goals. We have extensive experience in helping students prepare for exams, learn Spanish for the workplace or for travelling abroad.

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Spanish for Travels

Spanish for TravelsSpanish Lessons for Travels

Spanish Marks provides experienced native-Spanish speaking tutors, who can help you prepare for upcoming travels to Spanish-speaking countries. 

tickOne-to-one lessons with individual attention.

tickLearn from any location, including home, in live 1-to-1 online classes.

tickFlexibility: enroll in as many or as few lessons as you would like.

tickAffordable pricing, starting from £12/lesson.

tick Free 50 minute lesson with no commitment needed.

Why learn with Spanish with us?

Travelling to a new country opens you up to adventure and what better way to immerse yourself fully, than to have language skills in hand. 

All our tutors are from Guatemala, speak both Spanish and English, and have taught in language institutions. They have extensive experience in helping students who either want to learn Spanish from scratch or brush up on existing skills. Connect with your tutor in an online classroom where you can see and speak to each other. Start your adventure today!

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Spanish for Business

Spanish for Business

Spanish Marks provides online 1-to-1 lessons in Spanish for the workplace, from beginners to advanced level. Our Spanish for business lessons are designed for those who interact with colleagues and clients in Spanish, or are wishing to further their careers in a Spanish-speaking environment.

Business Spanish

Features of our online Spanish lessons:

tickOne-to-one tuition allowing individual attention.

tickLearn from any location, including home or the office, in live 1-to-1 online classes.

tickFlexible lesson timings to fit into busy lifestyles. Re-schedule lessons easily.

tick All levels taught by qualified Spanish tutors from Guatemala.

tick Free 50 minute lesson with no commitment needed.

Our native Spanish-speaking tutors have all taught in language schools and have extensive experience helping students learn Spanish for the workplace. Through the use of role play, listening, writing and conversation exercises, students will learn the skills they need to interact in a business environment in Latin America or Spain.

Lessons are one-to-one allowing individual attention. Learn from your office or home as your personal Spanish tutor will connect with you over Skype, cutting out costly travel time. All learning material is included and shared over an on-screen whiteboard. Start your Spanish learning today!

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Spanish Tutors for GCSE

GCSE Spanish Tuition Online

Learn From Home with Specialist Teachers

Spanish Marks provides experienced Spanish GCSE teachers who can help students achieve their highest potential. Our Spanish GCSE online tutors have taught in schools and have up-to-date exam syallbus knowledge. We can help you prepare for your exams and overcome areas you find difficult!

Our online Spanish tutors can help GCSE students:





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GCSE Spanish teacher

5 Ways We Can Help You:

    One-on-one private tuition designed to suit your learning style, needs and ability. Studying for GCSEs is an academically intensive time and our Spanish teachers work with each student to help them acheive their personal goals.

    Our Spanish teachers have helped students acheive their highest grades for GCSE Spanish exams. Lessons are tailored to specific exam board requirements and student needs. 

    Connect with your private Spanish teacher online, cutting out costly travel time and learn from the comfort of home. See and speak to your tutor in an online classroom, just like a real classroom! Lesson material is shared easily over an online whiteboard. Prepare for your Spanish GCSE online.

    Receive regular feedback reports from your Spanish tutor on your development and advancement. All lesson material and revision exercises are included.

    Book a free Spanish lesson with no obligation required. Receive a feedback report at the end of the lesson. After-school, evening and weekend lesson availability.

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