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Spanish Marks is a UK based school offering meaningful and ethically-focussed volunteering, internships and travel expeditions in Guatemala. We partner with established organisations across Guatemala, operating in the fields of education, health, environmental conservation, human rights and economic development. Work side-by-side with them in bringing about positive change for vulnerable sections of society in Guatemala. 

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What we offer

Each placement is tailor-made, matching your unique skills and goals to organisations where you can make a tangible difference. Our placements are kept at a low price, because we do not believe in charging unnecessary fees. 25 x Spanish lessons are included for volunteering and internships, since learning another language will help you make the most out of your time in Guatemala, open new doors and start new adventures!


What we Offer

Price: £450.00
Project Length: Flexible
Overview: Volunteer with local organisations in Guatemala. 25 x Spanish lessons included. Flexible start dates and length of stay. Volunteer in medicine, education, human rights, environment and economic development.

Price: Dependent on Internship
Project Length: Minimum 3 months
Overview: Work abroad in Guatemala. Explore an exciting Central American culture and contribute to key global issues across a variety of fields. 25 x Spanish lessons included. Certificate & letter of recommendation provided.

Price: Dependent on itinerary
Project Length: Flexible
Overview: Group expeditions in Central America, combining volunteering and cultural immersion. Tailored itineraries for your team, whether you are medics, teachers, corporate volunteers or students! Guides included.