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Learn Spanish outside of the classroom! We arrange regular events to immerse you in Spanish and Latin culture.


Spanish Conversation Club:

Spanish Book Club: "El Otro Barrio" by Elvira Lindo

Date: 22/07/2024 19:30-20:30, £15
Join our Spanish Book Club, where we discuss contemporary and classic books in Spanish, whilst enjoying a glass of sangria. The book for July is the highly acclaimed El Otro Barrio by Elvira Lindo.

The story centres around Ramon Fortuna - a fifteen-year-old teenager who never got to know his father, but who has grown up overprotected by four women: his real mother and the fake ones.

Suitable for intermediate Spanish speakers

Spanish Book Club

**FULLY BOOKED** Practice Spanish Conversation TOPIC: Las Realidades del Trabajo Infantil

Date: 26/06/2024 18:00-19:00, FREE
Location: Online (Zoom)
Join our Spanish conversation group as we explore topical issues in Spanish. No preparation or knowledge of the topic is necessary, just a love of speaking Spanish.

Recommended for those with an intermediate or higher Spanish-language understanding.

Led by our expert tutor, Pablo, we discuss in Spanish:
- What are the economic implications for child labour?
- Where does responsibility lie in preventing it?
- How our consumer demand for cheap goods is a contributing factor.

¡Hasta pronto!

Spanish Conversation Club: The Realities of Child Labour