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Learn Spanish in an online classroom. Just you and your Spanish tutor. Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels taught.

Private online Spanish lessons, anywhere you are.

Achieve your goals for learning Spanish whether it is for travel, work, exams or as a hobby! Learn Spanish fast with lessons including learning materials, feedback reports & after-lesson exercises.

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Our Spanish classes

Learn Spanish for fun, work or travel. Benefit from Spanish lessons tailored to your needs and pace of learning.

Whether you are beginners, intermediate or advanced level, we have you covered! Connect with your Spanish tutor in an online classroom where you can see and speak to each other. Learn from any location and re-schedule lessons easily.

Over 400 million people speak Spanish around the world, and there are many reasons for wanting to join them. At Spanish Marks, we work to understand your goals for learning Spanish and help you achieve them. Our team of online Spanish tutors have created an in-house textbook, which is used as a basis for learning, but lessons can also be personalised to fulfil your specific interests and goals. You'll become very aware of just how passionate our tutors are, as soon as you start lessons with them!

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