Human Rights Projects Abroad

Volunteer with a local grass-roots charity in Guatemala. Provide support for those who face social exclusion and a lack of access to justice.

Human Rights in Guatemala

Guatemala is known as the 'Land of eternal spring,' with immense natural and cultural beauty. Yet, it also has a history of human rights abuses and social exclusion, heightened by a 36-year civil war which ended in 1996. During this time, widespread atrocities occurred, including illegal detentions and forced displacement. 83% of the victims were from the Maya indigenous population.

Today, indigenous communities continue to face discrimination, especially in areas of land ownership and access to basic services. Women too face discrimination with gender-based violence being widespread. Guatemala has a deeply rooted patriarchal society and machismo culture, which places the blame on the victim. Work alongside organisations helping victims find justice and re-build their lives.

Volunteer with children

Types of Human Rights Projects

Placements are available with non-government organisations and charities throughout Guatemala, which document abuses, educate the international community and promote policies that spread justice. Other organisations work directly with human rights abuse victims to help them re-build their lives.

Whether it is in communication, organisational development, report-writing or advocacy, you will be contributing your time and skills in return for the experience of working with organisations on the frontline of human rights protection.

We will work to understand your background to match you to tailored projects ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months. 25 x online Spanish lessons are included.


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