10 Popular English Songs in Spanish


We have already discussed the merits
of listening to music in Spanish
when learning the language.
However, it is also great to listen
to English songs that have been
covered by a Spanish speaking
artist. Not only do you know the
song so can translate it easier but
it is also just a fun way to hear your faourite
piece of music. Here are a few songs that
we recommend (like) that have
been covered in Spanish; some by
the original artist themselves.

1. En Mi Nube por Sonia
(Get off my Cloud by the Rolling Stones)


2. Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu (I Just Can't Stop Loving You) sung in Spanish by Michael Jackson


3. Falso Amor por La Unión
(Tainted Love by Soft Cell)


4. Ring of Fire sung in Spanish by Johnny Cash


5. Un Hombre Para Mi por Ednita Nazario
(Somebody to Love You by Queen)


6. Is This Love sung in Spanish by Bob Marley


7. Hotel California by Gipsy Kings
(Hotel California by The Eagles)


8. Chiquitita sung in Spanish by Abba


9. Un Ciclo Sin Fin
(The Circle of Life from Lion King)


10. Un Mundo Ideal
(A Whole New World from Aladdin)


We hope you have enjoyed our recommendations and could sing along to a few of the songs!

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