Halloween Pumpkin

The nights are getting longer and temperatures dropping – it’s Halloween time once again!

Halloween is a fun, cultural holiday celebrated on 31st October. The ghoulish tradition has it’s origins with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when participants would light fires and put on costumes to ward off ghosts.

Halloween on 31st October is mostly celebrated in USA, Canada and the UK. For Spanish-speaking nations, festivities occur a couple of days later on “El Dia de las Muertos” (or Day of the Dead). It is a joyous and happy holiday and a time to remember family and friends who have died.

With spooky fiestas going on, we bring you Spanish Halloween vocabulary to help you survive through the night….

1)  Disfraz de Halloween – Halloween costume

Mad Hatter Halloween Costume


     2)  Momia – mummy

mummy costume


3) Decoración de halloween – Halloween decoration

Halloween pumpkin ideas


4) Fantasma – ghost


5) Calavera – skull

colourful skull


6) Vampiro – vampire

flying bat


Whether you get dressed up and go to a spooky party, or if you are staying home to watch scary movies to celebrate, we hope you have a happy Halloween!

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