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Spanish Vocabulary – Common Health Problems

It is always a pain being abroad and having some sort of health issue. Well, we have just made your life that little bit easier by providing you with a list of common health problems for when you are in a Spanish speaking country and need to visit a doctor:

  • Tengo alergia a…
    (I am alergic to…)
  • Tengo diarrea.
    (I have diarrhea.)
  • Tengo fiebre.
    (I have a fever.)
  • Tengo gripe.
    (I have flu.)
  • Tengo tos.
    (I have a cough.)
  • Tengo dolor de garganta.
    (I have a sore throat.)
  • Tengo dolor de cabeza.
    (I have a headache.)
  • Estoy mareado/a
    (I feel dizzy.)
  • Me duele la espalda.
    (My back hurts.)
  • Tengo dolor de estómago.
    (I have a stomach ache.)
  • Tengo una migraña fuerte.
    (I have a severe migraine.)
  • Mi nariz está congestionada.
    (My nose is stuffy.)
  • Me duelen las articulaciones.
    (My joints are aching.)
  • Mis músculos están adoloridos.
    (My muscles are sore.)

However we do hope you won’t have to use these phrases too much!

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