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On our most recent visit to charity, Asociación Fatima, we see how funds collected from your Spanish lessons have increased employment opportunities for vulnerable families in Quetzaltenango. Part of the income we get from Spanish lessons have gone into fixing the charity’s roof, meaning there is now a place to train women in sewing and selling their products. 

When we first visited the Asociación’s office space it was in a great deal of disrepair. Today, the transformation is incredible. Lucy Guzman, the charity’s director, excitedly led us into the room which was once suffering from a leaking roof, and rotting woodwork, and is now filled with the hum of sewing machines and women from the community.

Before and after

A room to sew is just one example of how Asociación Fatima uses donated funds to help families living below the poverty line become more self-sustainable. It is a small local charity that is making a big difference to the lives of many in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. From providing medical services to distributing school equipment, food and shoes, the charity’s support extends to 250 families.

For many of these families this support is crucial. Malnutrition and poverty is a big problem in Guatemala – the 4th most malnourished country in the world. According to UNICEF, four in ten children under five are chronically malnourished causing them to drop out of school, lowers their productivity and makes them susceptible to illness, which are irreversible effects that last a lifetime.

We want to continue working alongside and supporting important organisations like Asociación Fatima. We will continue updating you on how income from your Spanish lessons is going towards important charitable projects, and having a direct impact on the lives of many.


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